Today's hours:

We are proud to offer an all you can eat dining program complete with menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine. Just feast your eyes on what we have available! Featuring a wide variety of fresh food designed to satisfy everyone's appetite with food choices to rival your favorite restaurants.

***Important Announcement***

Beginning in August 2021 these are the hours that we will have the Dining Hall open.  We will have limited seating and the Green Boxes will be free this year for people to use for take out. We will be open the following hours:

Breakfast: 7 am- 10:30 am- 

Lunch: 10:30 am-4:30 pm- Light lunch will be served from 2-4:30- deli, pizza, salad bar

Dinner: 4:30 pm- 7:30 pm 

We will have staff cleaning all high touch surfaces every 20 minutes, we have cards on the table to let you know if the table has been cleaned or still needs to be cleaned. All lines are being served with the exception of the beverage area.  We ask that as you enter you use one of the hand sanitizers that we have.

Reusable cups are not going to be allowed at all dining locations right now

Hours of operation may be subject to change.